EVO-ODAS Standards Demonstrator

Welcome to the standards demonstrator of the EVO-ODAS project.

The demonstrator is meant support the standardization activities. It shows the feasibility of standard improvements in a generic way for selected limitations and evolutions focusing on functionality and using sample datasets only.

This demonstrator is powered by an EOxServer instance using the latest development version. It is periodically updated to demonstrate the latest proposed standardization enhancements and additions. Check back from time to time for the latest update.

The service and data are best viewed via one of the two clients EOxC or the EOxServer Integrated Client both shown below.

EOxC Screenshot

EOxServer Integrated Client Screenshot

There are also other configurations of the the EOxC client available:

Available Data

The service provides (or better will provide) Landsat 8, Sentinel 1, Sentinel 2, as well as some high level data in NetCDF like fire emission dispersion data. Further details will be provided as the demonstration is updated.

OWS Sample Request

The base URL of EOxServer is /evo-odas/eoxserver/ and the base URL for the OGC Web Services (OWS) is /evo-odas/eoxserver/ows.

OpenSearch Demonstration

The entry point for OpenSearch queries is /evo-odas/eoxserver/opensearch.

The service uses a two step search as recommended by the CEOS OpenSearch Best Practice Document.

EO-WCS 1.1 Proposal Demonstration

GetEOCoverageSet Operation

This proposed enhancement is not yet implemented.

EO Data Access Best Practice