OGC Reference Implementations

The OGC Compliance Program requires that for every OGC Reference Implementation (RI) a service endpoint is deployed and maintained. The following RI instances are available as detailed below

EO-WCS 1.0 RI - EOxServer

The service and data are best viewed via the EOxServer integrated client. Partly it can also be seen in the the CITE EOxC instantiation. CITE stands for Compliance and Interoperability Testing & Evaluation.

Available Data

This service provides ENVISAT MERIS L1 Full Resolution Full Swath (FRS) scenes, ten scenes covering the north-east of South America and three scenes covering the US west coast. All scenes are provided as RGB version as well as the original 15 band float32 version.

CITE EOxServer MERIS Data South America

CITE EOxServer MERIS Data US West Coast

Additionally the service provides the FAPAR (Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation) band from MERIS Global Vegetation Index (MGVI) L3 products from July, August, and September in the years from 2006 to 2010 covering the whole globe.

CITE EOxServer Global MGVI FAPAR Data

EO-WCS 1.0 Sample Requests

The base URL of EOxServer is /cite/eoxserver/.

WCS 2.0 RI - MapServer

Available Data

This services offers one of the ENVISAT MERIS L1 Full Resolution Full Swath (FRS) scenes.

CITE MapServer Data

WCS 2.0 Sample Requests